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Problem with old GPu

Hi im buildin a new rig and im taking the gtx 460 out of my old rig to go with a new one in sli .
well im givin my old pc to my sister and was going to just put back the NVIDIA GeForce 9500 GT that came with the pc but when i take the new card out and replace it with the old one when i turn the system on it all boot up with power but there nothing display on the screen i took it out and made sure that it was in there snug and the hdmi was in all the way and still nothing

so my question is how do i make it so i can put the old 9500 gt in it and it will actually display?
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  1. Really i only need it to display there hdmi so i can run a erase and format and reinstall windows so the computers like new for my sister.
  2. Did you uninstall the old drivers? Try that if you haven't.
  3. HostileDonut said:
    Did you uninstall the old drivers? Try that if you haven't.

    Do You Mean The Drivers For The GTX-460?
  4. Yes.
  5. HostileDonut said:

    no i didn't so i should go to device manager and uninstall the driver turn off comp and then i can install the old gpu?

    sorry this is my first build so im learning as i go.
  6. Do you even see the BIOS screen when you boot up? Because if you don't even see the BIOS screen, it's not the drivers that are acting up.
  7. no i dont see anything i took the gtx460 out. put in the old 9500 gt and pulled in the hdmi and started it up everything comes on. even the 9500 Gt but my monitor still says no signal but when i took it out and put the gtx460 back in the pc works fine. im on it now typing this message so i dont understand what i need to do to make it work
  8. Go into the BIOS and activate the integrated GPU. Then boot to windows and uninstall the GTX 460 drivers. After that, install the drivers for the 9500GT. After you have installed the 9500GT turn off the integrated GPU and you should be good to go. ;) Hope it works.
  9. If you don't see the BIOS, drivers/software can be completely eliminated as the source of your problem. I suggest you do what Hostile says.
  10. BTW, if you do not have any integrated graphics, install the 9500GT driver and then uninstall the GTX 460 drivers. Then pop in the 9500gt.
  11. ok heres the thing the nvidia driver page says it the same driver the i have installed now for my gtx460 so does that change anything?
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    I would try what I said. The 9500GT and the GTX 460 run on different drivers I think. (almost sure) Download the latest 9500GT drivers. If the latest ones do not work, try using the disk.
  13. thank you very much for your help hostile they do run on the same driver but i just did what you send anyway and uninstall the display driver turned off the pc put in the old card turn the pc on and it work currentin install the same driver for it that i uninstall for my 460 lol
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  15. No problem.
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