Confused! | MiniDP to Dual Link DVI?

I have 2x 30" LG monitors running 2560x1600

I want to use the XFX 5970 Black Edition Limited card to run both at maximum resolution. I'm NOT at all familiar with connectors, etc. however.

I know that apparently single link DVI will NOT support my resolutions, while dual link DVI will.

The card had 6 MiniDP ports for Eyefinity support, and comes with single link DVI to MiniDP adaptors.

1. Before I buy the (rather expensive) GPU, I'm wondering whether I'll be able to run these 30'' resolutions (even if I have to buy additional converters/adaptors).

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  1. ***EDIT***

    Should have mentioned, my monitors have DVI input only - no HDMI or DP...

    and I found this list of AMD approved adaptors

    Apparently there's a difference between active and passive adapters... presumably the former need power?
  2. commissar_mo said:
    Yes, that is the part AMD says you should use.
  3. Thanks!
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