Toshiba 30-832 restore to factory settings

I am struggling to do this. recovery disks are not recognised and the 0 f1 and f8 options are not giving me what I need
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  1. Remove the RTC battery (Lithium CR 2032) from the motherboard. Leave it aside for 10 to 15 minutes. Then re-install the RTC battery. This will reset the computer (BIOS) to factory defaults.

    On laptops, the RTC battery may be located in the RAM compartment at the bottom of the laptop. The manual will explain the details of the RTC battery removal.
  2. Toshiba's normally do not have a restore partition hidden on the hard drive. You will need to boot from the restore disks you created when you bought it.

    Shortly after you turn the power on Press F12 to access the boot manager and then select the cd/dvd option (normally this is #3) to boot from your recovery disk.
    You press f12 when you see the option of 'Press F2 to enter setup' on the bottom of your screen.

    I hope this helps. I hope your restore has sp1 on it cause 2 hours of nothing but installing updates is no fun. LoL
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