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GTX 460

Right now I'm looking at the GTX 460, and the Galaxy model seems to be the cheapest. However, it seems that a lot of people have been complaining regarding the fan noise compared to the reference design cooler. How loud is it or should I just buy the Hawk edition card. I'm not looking to overclock it btw.
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  1. Get the EVGA edition, it's an extremely reliable company, and the fan runs like butter. I have one in my rig, and it's never dissapointed me.
  2. I would get that card except I'm on a real tight budget and I can only afford one of the two cards.
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    I believe this should answer your question:
    "In short, the reference design GTX 460 video cards we tested were dead silent. The Galaxy GeForce GTX 460 1GB video card, on the other hand, was not. From the moment we plugged it in, the fan was whiny and loud. And when we fired up FurMark, or any 3D game, it only got worse. Not only was it audible over the other system fans, it was audible over the speakers, and even the office pedestal fan. So while Galaxy has perfected cooling, they have a ways to go to reducing the noise level compared to the reference fan.
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