Need a router. Don't know much about them

I'm looking to buy a router for my apartment. It's about 1000 sq ft so there's not too much space to cover, but it's possible I'll be in a house within a year or two and then I might need some more range.

I'd rather not spend more than $50 or $60 ish, but I'd go up to 100 for a really good one that I'll get much better performance out of.

I don't want to do anything too fancy with it. My internet connection is AT&T uverse at 12 mbps. There are 2 of us in the apartmnet but I'd like a router that can handle up to 4 or 5 people. I browse the internet and do normal things like facebook alot. I also get alot of streaming music and video like Hulu, youtube, and grooveshark, and I'd like to get good performance out of them. I also do a lot of video chatting so I'd like decent performance in that area. I think an N router would be best but it needs to be able to support g wireless cards also. I don't need any super strong security or anything. As long as I can set a good password I think it's fine.

What benefits do you get from getting gigabit ethernet over the slower one? Is that just for wired connections? If I only had one computer on a wired connection to the router, would it be worth it to get one with a gigabit connection?

If there's any other information I can provide, let me know.

Thanks for the help.
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  1. Head out to any local place that sells computer gear. Best Buy, Wallyworld, etc.

    You want a standard Linksys Router, 802.11N. Your internet browsing speed is limited to your 12 mbps by Uverse. The N speeds are really only good for computer to computer communication.

    Your setup will look like this:

    Uverse connection goes into the modem (not sure how uverse hooks up, only started recently in this area). From the modem, the connection goes into the WAN port on the Router. From the router, you can hardware lines to the computer or use the wireless settings.

    If the router doesn't work, you may need to contact Uverse to have them release the MAC address so it will pick up the new address from the Router.
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