In Urgent need of help! Flash updated BIOS now cant boot windows!

As the title suggests, i've made a total **** up.

I'm new to overclocking, as have been trying to update my BIOS so I can change the voltage settings etc within the BIOS.

I downloaded the ASUS updater and installed the latest 1401 ROM by flash update, restarted the pc and now when I restart, after the option to enter BIOS I get the message 'Missing operating System' on a black screen :-(

I'm really worried i've screwed things up

I've enterd BIOS and changed settings to default, saved and restarted but I still get the message.

I've also checked the Primary IDE Master to be the DVD RW, tried putting the windows disk in and nothing.

SATA 1 Is one of my 500gb hard drives, as is SATA 2.

Please help me, what can I do?!?

My system is:

Asus P5N-D motherboard
Intel q9550 2.83ghz
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  1. I tried installing the original BIOS from the cd that came with the system 'P5ND.BIN' in the EZ flash 2 BIOS ROM utility but I get the message 'Downgraded ROM file was not suitable for the system'

  2. Yes, on Asus website I enterd win 7 64bit as the OS which I am currently running.
  3. I must also add the pc doesnt beep now on start up, if that means anything?
  4. Please guys help me out here im going to lose sleep over this :(

    I just spent a load of money upgrading this pc, I hope I havnt destroyed the ROM?

    What can I do to get windows running again?
  5. Hmm, after updating your ROM BIOS the motherboard always reset to default settings automatic.

    So even you save this again on default and nothing change.
    Before updating you should have wrote down or take a picture of some screen settings.
    As i can see now, your windows is okay as your BIOS work and boot.

    You should check first if your hdd is listed in the BIOS screen, if so then you should check if the right is selected as boot.

    There are to many settings in the BIOS that can make your windows not boot up any more...
    Did you install windows in ahci or compatibility mode in the BIOS? If this wrong, you can not boot up.

    Al the settings in your BIOS are lost and they are now in factory settings changed. From here it is not possible to tell you what to change, i can not see anything.

    It is just wrong settings in your BIOS that make you can not boot up any more.
    for now you should check if the motherboard detect your hdd in the BIOS. if so then you should activate the right one as boot hard-disk.

    yes it is possible even with a dvd from windows nothing happens, once again you should tell the BIOS you want to boot from a DVD!

    Even if it not beep that is not abnormal, on most you can change this in the BIOS; Beep on Boot enabled or disabled.

    So you have a lot of home work to do! good luck!
  6. BIOS does detect the HDD's

    They are both Identical 'SAMSUNG HD502IJ'

    In boot device priority I have selected the Hard Disk as 1st boot device, all others disabled

    It's still not working.

    I dont know what else to change, I see no other options that could make it start up!
  7. Right I managed to boot from CD and load the Win 7 dvd in.

    However, it wont let me install windows.

    Windows is only detecting one of the hard drives, although BIOS is detecting both (identical names)

    I try to format/delete and install windows on the one that is showing but i get the message 'setup was unable to create a new system partition or locate an existing system partition'

    So i'm lost again

    What do I do?

    Please help guys

  9. Sorry, I need to calm down.

    This is quite stressful lol

    Turns out I had the SATA 1 and 2 power leads in the wrong order

    Had no idea that could cause an issue installing windows

    Now im installing...wish me luck!
  10. Oh for CRYING OUT LOUD

    I reinstall windows 7, I have the vista upgrade one which I had no problem doing a clean install from the first time round.

    Now that ive activated my product key, I cannot activate windows on the new install!

    Does this mean I have to buy Windows AGAIN?!
  11. Right, managed to get windows activated.

    Only issue I have now is that Windows is only detecting one of the internal 500gb drives, however DOS detects them both (as identical names)

    When it working properly, the 2 drives were shared and showed in windows as a single 1tb hard drive.

    What do I need to do in order to combine them again and will it result in having to install windows again?

    Many thanks
  12. maybe something go wrong and windows can not see this hdd anymore. in windows go to configuration and then system management.
    There you choose computer management and there again drive management.
    Maybe your other hdd need to be initialized again, here you can do this. and also share 2 to make one big.
    You not need reinstall windows, but if any data on the other hdd it is possible you loose it.
    If you are not sure, take a backup first.
    Anyway i not advice use 2 as 1. if anything go wrong with windows sometime, you can loose al data from 2 hdd in one time!!!

    Why not use the other as backup and for big files?

    Les problems to worry about. if one hdd fails some time, you never know what hdd was used and anyway must rebuild it again and loose everything. Even when you put a new one, windows can not rebuild it like before, and must initialize the new hdd again.
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