Can i cross fire tree different ATI , 5870 series cards ?

how to cross conection tree different ATI , 5870 series cards ?
pls help me i use for mobile phone code calculate gpu
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  1. You need a motherboard with 3 PCI-E slots along with an adequate PSU(850W+)
  2. i put 3 ATI , 5870 and i use cross conection after 5 min pc sutdoun
    and use 2 ati5870 all ok working
    my PSU (550W) i think my power lower
    pls help me thanx
  3. Maybe the third card is defective.Do all the cards work fine simultaneously ?
  4. but my one by one all working
    pls help me thanx
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  6. can u pls tell me wat the problem pls
  7. Maybe your power supply is too low?

    Assuming that the 5870 pulls at least 150W:
    150W x 3 = 450W

    This is only on the 12V rail, which most likely your 550W psu could only produce lower than 450W.

    You probably need at least 750W to power the whole thing.
  8. ok i put 1000w coolermaster
    and tell u agen
    thanx for help
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