My p c is showing only 4gb of ram and i have 8gb in it?

I have 8gb of crucial ddr3 in my p.c but there is only 4gb showing in p.c specs I'm running xp 32 bit,
and find it discouraging to read in some forums that similar problems happen with Win 7 Ult 64bit?? I Want to remedy this by upgrading my O.S what shall I do? I am not a savvy o'clkr, thanks.
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  1. Any 32bit OS cannot recognise more than 4Gb RAM if you upgrade to a 64bit OS this will solve your problem and you don't need to overclock.
  2. Thanks for the reply I'll get right on that and hopefully It'll workout OK, but as I said I have heard a few posts (google) that say that the same problem is happening with Win7 64 bit, I Will have to make the switch I know, finger's crossed, thanks again. :)
  3. In the mean time, you can run a ram drive to use the 4gb that Windows can't.
  4. I don't begin to know what that means?
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