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How to update bios!?

I wanted to give it a go to trying to update bios, I have tried to update it two ways so far both failed.

1st I have this software that came with this MB the says it "Up date from internet" it should be a automatic process but it never works. It can never find a server to connect to no matter what one I choose.

The second I went to ASUS websight and tried to download individual files. It saves them as ROM files and I can not open them with anything so I am unable to run them.

Here is my version of bios. 0103 - BIOS : BIOS Date: 05/03/10 11:40:30 Ver: 08.00.15

What I am thinking I should download. Version 1005
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    download the file to the USB Drive.... save the file to the root of the USB (if it is Zipped.. unZIPit)

    Attach the USB to the system before boot...

    While Boot goto the BIOS.... on the last option ... there has a Utilities call Asus EZ Flush
    or something like that refer to your MB Manuel..

    choose use BIOS file in the USB .... and it will update....
  2. ^ +1 easiest flash i ever did :)
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  4. Thanks again Sonexpc, worked out well.
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