M4A785TD-V EVO Issues, cannot identify, no POST


Had built a system with these specs

Athlon II X4 440
XFX 5770
Antec 430w (is sufficient for the above video card I have tested it)
8GB DDR3 RAM (Have tried numerous configurations)
Antec 300 Chassis
Seagate 1TB HDD
Optical Drive

I always test my systems when I build them, and then put them up for sale. This system had tested absolutely fine, but now (some time later, but without any use) I cannot even get it to POST. I have tried CMOS clears, removed and replaced CMOS battery, tried multiple video cards, of course tried the onboard IGP, tried 3 sets of RAM, tried all RAM slots...

The system powers on, all fans spin, southbridge is receiving power, rear USB's are outputting power. Tried multiple monitors - but no signal. There is no signal from the IGP, or any discrete card I try. There is absolutely no reason the board should fail spontaneously, but I cannot get a POST in any configuration. System powers on, fans spin for about 5 seconds, and then there is a different noise like a hard drive type sound (but I've even tried without the HDD, and cannot get POST either way.)

Is this board shot somehow, or am I doing something out of order? I clear CMOS before I try every new configuration.

Thank you.
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  1. Disconnect all drive and remove the Video card.... just PS + MB + RAM + CPU..
    If no POST then
    Try PS + MB + CPU ... any beep sound for Memory error ( no memory MB should beep)
    if MB (Beep) ->
    try use another Power supply to test... may be the power supply have power but under voltage.....
    if MB ( no Beep)->
    I can only say may be is really the MB issue...

    CPU is the last thing that cause the problem.....if after all the test
  2. I tried another PSU, a different CPU, multiple combinations.. eventually I grabbed another motherboard and tried the components in that board - of course it posted immediately. It must be the Asus board, which is most likely out of warranty now. I am confused as to how exactly the Asus board is damaged, being that it still transfers power to components.
  3. I guess even now Asus low profile motherboard = low quality. I said that because currently 3 of my P5CMX motherboard bought from 2009 having problems. One of them already EOL and remaining two with problems already. Low end motherboard = Short life span!
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