M11x R1 motherboard replacement? need help!

I was wondering if I could take the motherboard from another M11x, such as the one below, and put it in my M11x R1. It would be MUCH cheaper to do that rather than buying a new M11x (I'm a pretty big fan of Alienware laptops). It would be a huge increase in performance over the 335m and core2duo 1.7Ghz that I currently have. I would really love to do this upgrade so if anyone can help me out i would appreciate it very much. Thanks!

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  1. Companies that build computers such as Dell tend to use OEM copies of Windows, which are tied to the motherboard of the computer. Replacing the motherboard would likely mean you would have to replace Windows also.
  2. Generally you have to buy the matching board for your model, which means if you have a R1 model , you will more then likely only be able to fit a R1 board in there.

    I don't know about the differences between the R1/R2/R3 (i own a R1 myself) but if they only changed the system boards some boards may be inter changable
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