Help Me With My New Rig!

Hey all, afflicto here!

Ok so I finally got some money right, I've had a Q6600\4gb of ddr3 1600mhz kingston\NZXT lexa blackline\HD 5770 from XFX\ BUILD for a while.
So I decided to get a new build and keep this one for server\media and rendering and stuff.. it will be AWESOME to be able to sit down on my new rig, do my work in 3d Max and send it off to the old PC, put it on render.. and I can continue working on my main PC. yay!
ok Sorry I'm a bit tired I haven't slept tonight, I'm gonna stop ramlbing nonesense.

| 12000 Norwegian Kroners | 2062.39 USD | 1319.70 GBP |

I'm gonna use a eyefinity setup with 3 of this monitor.

I want it to look clean, good quality while at the same time getting some descent performance!
This is what I have in mind so far, if you feel any of the parts should be changed to make it cheaper, cooler(as in temps), cleaner (design) or better performance. Then please tell me!


If you want to copy-paste stuff from here, I included a copy-paste so you can :P

Fractal Design Define XL Black Pearl
Vifter: 1x 140mm Front, 1x 180mm Top, 1x 140mm Bak, Lydabsorberende, mATX, ATX

Lagerstatus:Ubekreftet dato 319 stk. 6.apr.2011
1099.00 1099.00

Western Digital Caviar® Black 1TB
SATA 6Gb/s (SATA 3.0), 64MB Cache, 7200RPM, 3,5", Dual processor

Lagerstatus:100+ stk. på lager
595.00 595.00

ASUS SABERTOOTH X58, Socket-1366
ATX, X58, DDR3, 3xPCIe(2.0)x16, GbLAN, FireWire, TUF, CeraM!X, SATA6Gb/s, USB3.0

Lagerstatus:100+ stk. på lager
1490.00 1490.00

Samsung DVD±RW Burner, SH-S223C
SATA, DVD±R: 22x DVD+RW: 8x, DVD-RW: 8x, DVD-RAM: 12x, Bulk, BLACK

Lagerstatus:100+ stk. på lager
199.00 199.00

Intel Core™ i7 Quad Processor i7-960
Quad Core, 3,2Ghz, Socket 1366, 8MB, QPI: 4,8GT/sec, 130W, Boxed w/fan

Lagerstatus:100+ stk. på lager
2299.00 2299.00

XFX Radeon HD 5770 1GB GDDR5
PCI-Express 2.0, 2xDVI-I, HDMI, DisplayPort, 850MHz, w/Aliens vs Predator

Lagerstatus:100+ stk. på lager
999.00 999.00

Chieftec Super Series 650W PSU
ATX 12V V2.3, 80 Plus, Modular, 1x 6pin+1x 6+2pin PCIe, 6x SATA, 140mm Vifte

Lagerstatus:100+ stk. på lager
795.00 795.00

Samsung 24" LCD Syncmaster P2450H
1920x1080, 70000:1, 2ms, VGA/DVI/HDMI
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  1. Do you have a link to the site you used ? hjemmeside ?
  2. So this is for 3D work and not for gaming?

    Then get the i7-2600K. It's a better performer both out of the box and overclocked.

    Then get an Asus P8P67... the plain one will likely do in your case.

    You did not list RAM. You will want an 8GB kit, 1.5V, and probably CL7. 1333mhz at least, or 1600mhz if CL7 can be found reasonably (at a good price)

    You like clean lines, so do I. I don't like front doors on PCs though. The fractal cases have doors so that they are quieter, but that also reduces air flow.
    MOST people end up leaving the door open all the time also, and that just destroys the whole idea doesn't it?

    Cases are something you really need to put your hands on before buying if possible. Cases that are all brushed aluminum can be really nice, but will cost a bit more.

    Lian Li
    Those are three that come to mind.

    I have had the same case for a very long time and I still think it's something special. It's also still expensive, hard to find, and you have to replace all the fans if you want real silence :(

    But again, if you can't get your hands on them in a store go look at reviews to get a better idea of what they are really like.

    PSU: Chieftech sometimes has some good models, but mostly I would say no. If you need quiet, try a Seasonic. This one is quiet, very high quality, modular, and all the power you actually need, plus some:
  3. @Why_Me: I used, but I don't have to. It's just that I trust them and they have most of the stuff avaiable.

    I'l try to make it a bit more clear, I was tired earlier and was abit in a hurry. lol.

    I need a All-round PC for gaming, video editing, music composing, audio editing, machinima, tutorials, reviews, live streaming.
    I actually do it all! haha xD And Intro, promo, Logo work too, and web-design.
    I have LOTS of ideas and plans for which is what I've been working on for the past 37 or so days :P

    I also need a good webcam.
    I also need a good mic (semi-pro)
    I also need a green-screen.
    I will use eyefinity for triple monitor workspace and live for speed\NFS Shift with my lovely logitech G27. I have to start playing some games more to have some fun and relax abit... I'm been working around 10-15 hours a day for dreamvoid now. phew!
    I will use Synergy to control the old PC which I will use for server-purposes and the TV show\live stream as well as rendering so I can continue to work on my main PC while rendering. Rendering takes ages for 720p mental ray stuff :\

    I think that sums it up. Excuse me for not making this clear in the beginning!

    Thanks for all replies.

    Note: I don't really care if the case looks like a monster. If it has good quality and good cooling capabilities, and bang for the buck - A clean look is just a bonus!
    But it would be pretty nice though.

    Note 2: I need new gaming gear!
    Headset: I love the Steelseries 5H and 7H!
    I had the 5H for 2 years until it broke. - the 7H lasted 1 month.
    I had the roccat kave it lasted 9 hours or so.
    I should have returned these headsets instead of throwing them into the wall -,-
    Anger management Afflicto! ANGER MANAGEMENT!...well, lesson learned.. (hopefully)

    I need a new gaming mouse too!
    Currently I have the razer salmosa and I love it. The only thing I miss is some buttons.
    I was looking at the copperhead, but it's out of production (I've heard lots of people wanting razer to re-release the copperhead, I agree!)
    So if you know of any good mice that are easy to lift up\down and move around with 2 buttons. I prefer quite small, simple mice. Please shout out! :)

    Cluttery and retardedly written but hey.. there you go!
    Thanks for the answers all! :D
  4. 2600K


    RAM Not at komplet.... any G.skill outlet you can get to?

    If these Sennheisers are anything like my PC350s they are very sturdy and sound fantastic... but you need a sound card to drive them.
  5. Thanks, great suggestions. Although - Pricey. But It's ok, I can wait with certain things till next month when I get some more money :P
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