[Need advice]pcbuild for 750$.

i am making a rig for max. 750.i will buy everything new except may be hdd and cd drive.
i need a gpu from nvidia only.m not a fanboy but want to play blackops in 3d.
i have decided for 560ti.youmay sujjest other for similar price.
proc will be 2500k or 2600k.i am thinking of 2500k since i wont need HT(no encod decode ONLY GAMES).the thing is mother board.i am confused .pls sujjest a 1155 mothere board with 1333 mhz ram support 2 x16 or 1 x16 one x8 pcie sli ready(for future).chipset i prefer is p67 but not nessory.if u sujjest another chipset than p67 then, if u can ,plz tel why.
hlp me thnx
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  1. Hello pteek;

    If you fill out the form in *How To Ask For New Build Advice* you'll answer all the standard questions that help things get started.
  2. As you want sli, P67 is your only option, until Z68 comes out later this year.
    I'd recommend the Asrock p67 extreme4, it has good features for the price.
  3. i5-2500: $210
    AS Rock H61M/U3S3: $80
    Samsung Sata 2 1 TB: $65
    G.skill 4 GB DDR3: $40
    Sparkle 560ti: $230
    DVD burner: $19
    XFX 550W 80+ Bronze: $55
    Rosewill Blackbone case: 45

    you lose overclock, but the 2500 is plenty fast enough anyway
  4. sorry i didnt posted as described.pls delete this thred coz i madE another one as described in how to ask.
  5. In case anyone is looking - the other thread is here: http://www.tomshardware.com/forum/308567-31-gaming-build-advice-needed
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