DH67CL, Windows 7 64 bit giving low volume for right speaker

Hi all,

I bought this new system - i5 2500k and intel DH67CL with onboard audio. I have installed Windows 64 bit ultimate. I'm using 2.1 speakers. The problem is that the sound coming from right speaker, is very low. When I unplug the jack and reinsert, it sets right. But, after some time, say a couple of hours, the volume of right speaker goes very low.

I have tested the speakers on other systems and they are working fine. I have tried all the settings in Realtek HD audio manager, enabling enhancements, increasing sample rate etc; but not of use.

Here's the specs
mobo - intel DH67CL
codec - Realtek alc892
OS - Windows 7 64 bit ultimate

Please help me out. I can't plug out and insert the jack so frequently.

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  1. ..Odd. Check to make sure the speaker balance is set right.

    Do you have another pair of speakers to try? Wire could be going bad...
  2. yeah, it's really odd. I've checked the speaker balance. It's balanced all the time. These are new speakers I bought along with system. Wire's good.
    I have checked with my older pair of speakers. I can see the issue even with the older speakers as well. It's as if something is sucking the juice out of right speaker with time.
  3. ...Very very odd then. I'm tempted to blame the mobo itself on this one, but it could be drivers too. If you are already using the latest driver, try using an earlier one. If not, then upgrade.
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