Frame rate issues on newly built PC

Here are my build specs:

AMD Phenom II 955 Black Edition 3.2 ghz with a 6mb L3 cache
4GB DDR3 1333mhz Corsair XMS3
Asus Nvidia GTX 460 768mb (700mhz core)
MSI 770-845G socket AM3 crossfire ready motherboard (planned on getting 2 next gen ATI cards)
250gb WD 7200rpm
500gb WD 7200rpm
Antec 300 Illusion Black Steel case
Windows 7 Ultimate x64
750w Diablotek psu

windows experience score is a 5.9 because thats what my hard drives scored. the next lowest item on my list is 7.3 and that's my CPU. everything else is 7.5 on WES

so heres my issue. i just upgraded from an athlon 64 x2 6000, 2gb of ddr2 800mhz, and a 9600 GT OC that was built on a dell e521 BTX motherboard with an nvidia 400 chip.

the framerate improvement that im getting in black ops is almost negligible. some other games seem to have shown a MASSIVE improvement. battlefield bad company 2 will run at 1024x768 with the graphics turned all the way up at around 100 fps. i NEVER turn on AA or AF in any game.

halo pc runs between 300 and 1000 fps, but sees a huge frame rate drop at resolutions higher than 1152x864.

now, in black ops, i have to play at 800x600 or 1024x768 with everything turned as low as possible just to manage 100 fps. ive seen people with more outdated specs that are getting that much frame rate while playing 1600x900 with everything as high as it goes.

am i missing something here, or do i have bad drivers? i cannot, for the life of me, comprehend how a Q9550, 2gb of ddr2 800mhz, and a gts 260 can possibly play black ops at 1600x900 with framerate even comparable to what i SHOULD be getting.

any help is appreciated. i'm in a bit of a fussy mood because i just spent all of my money on this pc hoping to at least get away from play-doh graphics on black ops.
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  1. apologies for the double post, but im not allowed to edit my OP. everything seems to be running at the speeds that it should be while under load, and temps stay below 30c across the board. Counter Strike Source plays at 1280x1024 and all settings turned to high (except AA, AF, and HDR) between 300-600 fps. I am playing on a Sony 19" CRT monitor for the time being, and i cant provide any benchmarks higher than 1280x1024, 60hz.
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