Why is my H60 keeping my CPU at 80C on IDLE!!!???

It's brand new. I built everything correctly according to the manuals.

To check the temp, im using my ASUS bios, which tells me the temps. The fan is on 1500RPM.

My motherboard is ASUS M5A97 EVO and Phenom x4 955 @3.2ghz. Im not playing any games because I haven't installed the graphics card yet. I was trying to install the graphics card drivers, but sometimes it kept freezing and told me I had some failure. So I decided to re-install all the hardware. Make sure everything was where it was supposed to be.

Is my H60 defective or something?
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  1. That could be a possibility. Assuming the H60 is seated correctly, why not use the stock cooler first and see if those temps are still high on your processor.
  2. With my stock amd heatsink on idle, its at 40-50 degrees celsius.
  3. Sounds like a defecting something on your HS, talk to corsair. :) Probably need to RMA it, assuming you have it connected right.
  4. Also make sure to use fresh thermal paste and get a good seal to the chip.
  5. 1) Is your pump running at 100%?
    2) Is your radiator fan running?
    3) Did you seat it right and tighten it down all the way?
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