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With all the Sandy bridge issues and the new chipsets coming out later this year I've decided I'm going to hold off building a new computer. Instead I'd like some help finding a new top of the line LGA 775 motherboard under $150. I'm keeping it under. This way I can save even more money for the new build when the new chipsets are out and all the bugs are worked out so I'll be waiting probably another year. till then I have a cheapo Gigabyte P31-ES3G motherboard. I'd love to even find a motherboard with the overclocking tools in the bios like this one. I'll be getting a Core 2 Quad Q8400 and the Hyper 212 Plus. So, being compatible with those two components would be awesome.

My current motherboard link:
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  1. Or you could wait and see how bulldozer from AMD goes? :)
  2. I've always been an intel person. I'm not ready for a switch like that. I don't know anything about amd. Even though intel has been showing it's greedy side lately with the 1155 chipset being differed by single pin. Anyways, What's amd and intel's big difference that set them appart. beside amd being A load cheaper.
  3. im_caius said:
    Or you could wait and see how bulldozer from AMD goes? :)

    It's going to be amazing. It's core-riffic.
  4. But on the "what's the difference?" note, here's what I've seen:

    If you are using your computer for crazy amounts of multitasking, 3d modeling, pandora, facebook, auto-cad, video editing: Intel Performs Well but is more expensive.

    If you are playing hardcore video games on your computer, with a browser up in the background, and editing that new techno CD using Reason or Ableton you're going to have AMD Perform Well and it is less expensive.

    Encoding: Intel
    Rendering: AMD

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