need help Installing new motherboard?

:??: ok guys..I need some serious help. i'm kinda new to all this so take me lightly. anyway, I have a emachines T5224, and so far i've added a new gpu and more ram. i recently just bought a processor. but found out its not compatible with my mobo. so i'm gonna get a new one. the old one is a intel d945gcl and the new one I'll get is this:

now, the pc i have came with windows vista home premium, but I upgraded all the way to windows 7 ultimate.
my concern is, is there anything I need to uninstall before swapping mobo's? do i need to reset and clean my hard drive?
and more importantly, when I swap mobo's will windows 7 still be there? or will it go back to windows vista?
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  1. The information is in your HDD so unless the data somehow becomes corrupted or you blow the HDD there's nothing to worry about. You'll still have windows 7 and everything you aready had.
    Just be sure to check if your new mobo supports all the components you already have (it probably will but it's worth double checking)
  2. The usual advice is to reinstall Windows when you change motherboards. However, here you are going from one Intel chipset to another slightly more modern Intel chipset. You have a pretty good chance of your new motherboard working with your old OS installation.
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