Power Supply for new pc

Hello, i want a Power Supply for my
new pc.
i just bought those parts:

WD Black 1TB
G.SKILL Ripjaws 8GB ddr3 1600
ATI 6950 1GB
Samsung DVD-WR
Thermaltake v9 BlacX Edition

but, in my local store there's only a few power supplies like:

Gigabyte Superb 550
Gigabyte Superb 720
Gigabyte ODIN Pro 550W
Gigabyte ODIN Pro 800W
Thermaltake EVO_Blue 750W
All "coolmax" power supplies

i really confused they look like an old products, is it a problem?
no crossfire and overclock
sorry for bad english maybe
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  1. Hello TR;

    Nice parts you've chosen. Now lets see if we can find a good PSU to match.
  2. 2008 review of GGigabyte Odin Pro 550W

    Looks like the Gigabyte ODIN Pro is the best choice.
    The 550W version is fine for 1 video card. 800W model if there is a chance of a 2nd HD 6950 being used.
  3. Hello WR2,

    thank you, this is really helpful. cant wait for tomorrow to buy that PSU :D
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