HAF-X dust filters - effective?

I am about to purchase a crossfire rig using a HAF X case.

I know that a HAF X has some air filters which comes with the case, but now I read a post on HardOCP saying they are not really that great, and linked to some aftermarket dust filters

Is the additional money for the filters worth it?

I plan on using this case for many years to come, so I might as well be prepared to spend much money - but is it money well spent?
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    I'd recommend aftermarket filters if you're REALLY going to use them. Average gamer though, not as much. You have to open up your case and clean it out about once a year anyhow, so filters aren't THAT crucial. HardOCP is probably an overclocking website, am I correct? Those guys are enthusiasts, and they fall into a different bracket alltogether.

    I'd use the filters that came with it. My Antec DF-30 has built in filters that seemed BS, but after about three months of use since the last clean, I can tell you that they WORK. Don't be afraid to use the stock filters, aftermarket filters may very well hamper airflow and increase noise levels.
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  3. Cooler Master HAF-X dust filters not effective, because the filter foam. Need to put additional more efficient the PC dust filters.
  4. I'm going to revive this thread, since I have a HAF X myself.

    "Dustfilters" where included everywhere, but the only things I have are metal mesh honeycone things in front of every intake fan, which let in the dust without any problem.
    Are these the actual dustfilters or did my case come without any? :O
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