GTX 570 beep errors

Hi all,
I just got my nice new GTX 570, however, I cant get it to boot up on my pc. I get the "GPU problem" beep code (One long two short), and windows loads up but the GPU never activates.

I have a GA-EP45C-DS3R Mother board, 8gb Corsair XMS3 (2x4gb), and a Q9300 processor. oh and a 700W PSU.

So far I tried updating the BIOS (Yes I was even desperate enough to use @BIOS...). Everything works fine with my other gpu but I still get the beep code. I even tried connecting the power cables to the harddrive power rails instead of using the 2 6-pin connector rail.

The system meets the requirements just fone on paper, but I still cant get things to work.

Has anyone got any ideas?

Many thanks for your help!
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  1. I suggest that you test your new GTX 570 in other (friend) pc.

    Please note that your friend pc must meet GTX 570 requirements in order to do the test properly!!!

    If it works than the problem is your pc configuration. And if it doesn't work, then return it and replace it. (If you can, do a double/triple check to (others friends) pc's, so you can be 99,99% sure that graphic card is the problem)

    I hope this helps. Cheers!
  2. Well, I was in contact with tech support for the card (EVGA have great tech support!)

    I will return the card to see if its faulty. After many tasks that tech support required me to do, the card just wouldn't work. I dont have the option of testing on another machine tho. But I have a crazily long warranty so I will eventually get it to work.

    I posted here incase someone else had problems and somehow knew a trick to get things functioning.
  3. Sry man, i hope that EVGA will soon fix your problem.
  4. No problem, thanks for trying. I might have been hoping for the impossible. I just hope that the fault is with the card and not my system. I just wish I had a suitable system to test it on.

    I guess the nest step assuming that EVGA say the card is fine would be to get a new motherboard. Except, I dont wish to upgrade processor just yet.

    Does anyone know a socket 775 motherboard that works with this card? If my card is tested and it turns out there is a fault, then it is no longer relevant. But I would need a new motherboard, I would rather know which one works as mine should work in theory. There isn't anything in the specifications that say it wont work.

    I would think that this board would be a suitable alternative, but, even if it is, I cant find a supplier. Not in Ireland AND for a reasonable price. :)
  5. I suggest that you wait for EVGA response and follow their future instructions. I would bet the problem is faulty GTX 570, we will see... :)

    Btw i don't think that you need to change your current mb.
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