How well will this system run sims 3 PLEASE ANSWER


:wahoo: My computer i just got has the following specs :

amd atholan dual core 2.3 ghz processor
3 Gb memory
329Gb hard drive
nivida geforce 6150se nforce 430

How well will this run sims 3. I was told it would do fine.
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  1. Hello bestplayer;

    Have you tested it yet?
    It's not going to run The Sims 3 very well.

    Who told you it 'would be fine'? The person that sold you that system?
  2. yes, the person who i got the system from told me it would run it okay.Just how bad do you think it will run it? I even gave him a sheet with the game's specs and i saw him go around to the computers he had and check them to see if it could run the game. It was a refurbished computer so that probably not great.

    If i need to, can i maybe replace the graphics card with the one it currently has. It is a slimline also.

    thanks for such quick reply
  3. It actually doesn't have a graphics card.
    That Geforce 6150se graphics is built into the motherboard.
    If you look inside the PC you won't see a graphics card setting there.

    Exactly which "amd atholan dual core 2.3 ghz processor " was included?
  4. What make and model of computer is it that you got?
    You should look inside and figure out what power supply was included.
  5. Also, how much did you pay for it... and how long have you had it?
  6. I think it's a amd atholan X2 4450e processor if that what your asking. I found this out by looking on hp's website, witch lists the computer.
    Also, answering your questions, it is a s3713w pavilion slimline and includes a 160 watt power supply. I paid 280.00 plus tax for it. The guy i went to was actually quite respected as i had 2 other people who also gave him there computers tell me how good he was. Could still adding a better graphics card be done or is that out of the question.

    once again, thanks for quick reply and all the help.
  7. $280 is probably a 'fair' price for that type of system.

    The 160watt PSU is a problem for adding some of the more powerful video cards.
    Lets see what other Pavilion s3713w owners are using for graphics card upgrades.

    Have you run Sims3 yet?
  8. The reason I ask if you have run Sims3 yet is that if you're happy with the way the game runs - there isn't any reason to be talking about upgrading the video card.
  9. I have not run it yet, but am just curious as to quality it will be. I suppose i am getting ahead of myself tho, so i will just wait until i run it and will tell you how it is then. Also, the quality of how the game will run is my only concern, because i want to be able to play the game on at least medium settings, for clarity reasons.

    thanks for your help, much apperciated
  10. I think that's the best option.

    And if you're not quite happy with how the game runs get back with the seller and let him work with you to get you the type of performance you want.

    Either through another system or adding a video card. Im sure he'd work with you on that.
  11. One last question.

    I opened up my computer and found a pci-ex16 slot. This slot would be for a graphics card right or am i wrong. Please answer and once again, thanks for all the help.
  12. Yes; that PCI-e x16 slot is what the video cards use.
    It's the 160W PSU that would be a limiting factor for choosing a video card.
    And the slim size of your case.

    Even a $50 half size graphics card has a recommended PSU size larger than what's in your system.
    For this HD 5570 it's a 400W recommended PSU, but you could get by with a very good 250~300W PSU.
  13. Thank for the answer. I have also been looking around for power supplies and I'm finding hp slimline power supplies but with one problem. Were they list suitable upgrades for this system, mine is not listed. Does it need to fit in those categories or can i buy it anyways.

    here is the link for one example:

    thanks for your help, much appreciated
  14. Can you take that system back to the seller and exchange it?
  15. Is it really that bad!! I don't mean to sound mean, but is really replacing the power supply that impossible. As for bringing it back, i am unsure. Just out of curiosity tho, why would those power supplies not work as they state in the title they work for hp slimline's. Does this have to to with compstsblity with hardware.

    thanks for your help anyways
  16. It's looking like the FSP power supply is your best option.
  17. I have just played it and the moving around town is fine. Everything else such as lot boundaries(ex: grass burr on lot, clear beyond that) can be seen as well as thick black lines around the central park( not all way around, but some places). I believe you were right you about the card, it runs it the game on lag, but manly leaves the game graphics being quite blurry. The buildings also seem quite blurry from neighborhood view.

    once again, thanks
  18. Good news!!!, I am not keeping it and instead going for a whole new one. My question only comes in the form of what would be a good graphics card for sims 3. I don't want to spent no more than 60 dollars on a card, only because i expect to pay 50 on the power supply.

    Also note that the computer will come with amd radeon 6450 graphics card and i plan to upgrade to a 600 watt psu.

    thanks for your help, it has hepled me get threw this complicated process
  19. HD 6450 is HUGE upgrade over the GeForce 6150se of the system you have now.
    Before you spend anything on a new PSU or a graphics card you need to test the game on that one.
    It might be all you need. HD 6450 should perform just like a $60 video card.

    Passmark GPU scores:

    GeForce 6150SE = 55
    RADEON HD 6450 = 390
  20. What PSU will be in the new system?

    A $60 graphics card doesn't need a 600W PSU. We use those for the $350 graphics cards.
  21. Honestly, the Sims 3 doesn't even need a dedicated card. I had a customer buy this laptop, which has integrated intel HD graphics and it ran on FULL settings when she came back to the store looking for a case for it: SKU 1769288, K52f-BIN6 $479.99. I even verified what her definition of FULL settings was to make sure, and yes, truly full settings. This HP for the same price has a better Intel HD card: SKU 2352085, G62-465DX. I myself was surprised, because I always assumed this game required at least some sort of dedicated card, be it a low end one.

    Even MicroCenter works if you got a nearby location that has this one: Cheaper too.
    The AMD Radeon 6450 HD rates only slightly better than an integrated Intel HD graphics. The integrated cards have came a long way from even 2 years ago. So, to look at what you were working with on the slimline, you assumed $280+$110=$390. Yes, it is more than $390 including tax and all that, but your getting a brand new laptop, and if all thats worried about is Sims 3, your all set.

    That being said, I wouldn't run Starcraft II on Intel HD. I mean, it'll supposedly work on Low medium settings at decent framerates according to an Intel demo I saw, but if you want High or Ultra settings, you'll need something beefier.
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