OCZ EliteXStream 800W PSU (Any Opinions)


Microcenter has it for $40. I'm on a budget and it seems like a good PSU. Should I pick it up? I have a i5 2500k and Gigabyte Z68MA mobo. Still need to get everything else. Is this PSU good enough if i want to go with SLI later on?
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  1. I have heard both good and bad things about OCZ power supplies. Power supplies are one area I don't like to economise - even the good ones aren't very expensive, and a bad one can cause a variety of difficult-to-diagnose problems. Have a look at something from Corsair or Antec if you are on a budget, and ask yourself if it's really worth saving $40-50?

    You haven't mentioned which graphics card you are using.
  2. You should never go cheap especially on your PSU. It is the very important component in your PC. Try Corsair, Seasonic and XFX.
  3. Gonna start off using the HD 3000 from the i5. But in a couple weeks after I build I'll get something like te GTS 450. And down the road I'd like to be able to run two cards. I have $50 to spend on the PSU. Can you guys recommend something better?
  4. So if I shouldn't pikc up a recertified one, does anyone have any recomendations? I have $90 to spend on case+pSU
  5. I have the same model they just shipped the RMA so I should be getting new unit back in a few days. I had 5770s crossfired no OC and the thing died during a heavy game of bf3, this is unacceptable and i have also heard of people needing multiple RMAs which is terrible news for my gaming future. The second rma though they will ship in advance without the two week land mail bs because its almost easier to buy a new one than pay for 10lbs by air! I seriously don't recommend if you use crossfire!
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