Out of range, dreaded blue screen

my dell laptop running XP Pro works fine while connected wireless, but once I boot the pc out of range It will sooner or later go to the blue screen. The PC takes about 10 times longer booting up if I'm out of range as if it is looking and looking for the signel. The software for the wireless card will not open to turn off the radio as if it is locked up before the blue screen. If I turn off the radio when it is in range then leave or reboot out of range the PC works just fine. Any ideas in the wireless settings I can change to stop this lockup/blue screen problem?
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  1. Go to Windows, All Programs, StartUp and remove the wireless adapter. Instead start it manually while you are in range.

    I have no idea what the issue is that caused the BSOD but maybe this advice will help avoid it.
  2. fihart,

    thanks for the advice and I feel your point will work, but I am in range 99% of the time and that would be a bit of a bother. At the time I make sure I turn off the radio if I will take my PC away from my house, but I wish to not do this. Thanks again.
  3. My suggestion would also save battery power -- I wonder if that is anything to do with the problem, incidentally.
  4. I don't think it would be the battery power as it can happen with battery fully charged, also I have two batteries on this pc, very long run time.

    I was hoping for some config or option on the wireless device
  5. I have: Intel(R) PRO/Wireless 2200BG Network
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