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All of a sudden my PC is not working correctly sometimes when I boot it does nothing not even a beep or goto bios I have moved the ram into different slots and it boots. But just after windows logo after boot my screen stays black for 5 - 10 seconds which never happened then goes to the login screen. I really don't if my cards is faulty or motherboard or what. Much help would be great
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  1. Your bios may have reset, and your power supply may be the source of your board's behavior. But to troubleshoot, start by resetting the bios (unplug, remove the board battery for one minute, then replace battery with the same or new one and boot up). Then report back here.
  2. Thanks for reply I will do as you say and report straight back. Its really odd though why this has happened another thing I should mention is that I used my hoover to clean the dust out of the CPU fan. Might have knocked ram or something.

    I have since run 3dmark tests to eliminate my GPU being faulty and thankfully the results came good. Also my PSU is not even a year and a good make (XFX) with 850WATT.

    I also have 6GB (3x2GB) should I just go with four 4GB?. What made me think about my GPU is that HDMI TO HDMI the black screen problems is there. When DVI TO HDMI pretty sure that it does not occur.

    I will check and let you know but will just take the battery out 1st.

    Thanks again
  3. x58 boards should use three or six sticks of identical ram; all others use the ram in pairs, but all four should match if using 4 ram slots.
  4. See my ram are all different makes but never had a problem at all with them. I have taken out the 3rd stick and just using four GB now. I took out the battery and boot was fine a little longer than usual. I right clicked hard drive and it froze for like 5 seconds again something that has never happened. I am going to buy a 8GB kit from amazon or somewhere. Would it be better if I brought a pair that are on QVL my board is a M4A78LT-M
  5. I think it is something to do with the HMDI input on the card itself I have just changed to a HDMI to DVI and no problem. Is there any other way to clarify this or should I just send the card back?
  6. I have gone into even viewer and there are some problems would you like me to post?
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