Am i being bottlenecked with GTX 460?

Hey I'm kinda new here but since I've had my new Gigabyte GTX 460 Super OverClock Edition 1GB GDDR5. I used to have a XFX 9400GT which was ancient compared to this one. But when I run some low graphical games like CSS and TF2 on low graphics, i still get lag issues. Here's my specs:
Huntkey 500W PSU
WD 1TB 7200rpm
Gigabyte GA-MA790X-DS4 Motherboard
AMD Athlon 64 X2 6000+ 3.1GHz (with stock cooler)
2x 2GB DDR2 400 MHz
Windows 7 Ultimate 32bit

Now I'm not sure if i'm being bottlenecked or what, but i know that my graphics card is not running at its full potential as reviews say that it can run CoD:MW2 on ultra graphics with good fps, yet i cannot run TF2 that well with low graphics. Also i am running these games at 1920*1080.

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  1. Your CPU is probably bottlenecking you card. The GTX 460 is a fairly capable card, and should have NO issues running those game. I can't say the same about you CPU though. You may want to consider a CPU upgrade.

    Also, do you have the latest drivers and game patches? That could also be a cause for the poor performance.
  2. Yes, i do have the latest drivers from Nvidia which is 260.99 and game patches are all up to date. It could be the CPU as it is about 3 years old now. I just thought there would be a massive improvement from my old graphics card, but there doesn't seem to be much. Also notice that when im in game, that the game is using 100% of my CPU so it maybe the CPU. But if it is, it would probably mean i would have to fork out another £160+ for CPU, Motherboard and RAM.
  3. Yeah, if your CPU load in task manager is at 100 it means that the CPU is maxed out and so that's a major sign that the CPU is a bottleneck.

    There's the possibility that you could upgrade just the CPU with something like this Phenom II X2 BE. Keep in mind that you can drop an AM3 chip into an AM2+ motherboard like yours. It's not ideal because you have slower RAM and you have to make sure your BIOS is compatible and so it would be ideal to get a new motherboard, RAM and CPU, but it is something you should look into.
  4. Yes its maxed out with all games i run, perhaps its the graphics wanting so much graphics that the CPU cant keep up and it has to wait. Yeah i'll have to look into this thoroughly, i'll run the graphics card on a better machine like my friend's which is AMD but quad core and see if it does any better. If so, buying a new CPU is the option i'll take.
  5. Couple little upgrades could make the system run smoother. As has been pointed up, the CPU is slow. Check the compatible CPUs for your motherboard and maybe you can get an X4.

    The other thing you might consider is getting 4gb of RAM, tho you'll want to reinstall the 64bit version of Win 7 for that.
  6. Your CPU is like 5 years old and has 1 meg of L2 cache....

    Get a Phenom II x2/4 BE. I'd recommend a X4 955 or X6 1090T if you have the money

    The X2 545 is also an excellent choice if your motherboard can unlock

    The 460 should run MW2 at very high settings with decent frame rates. Source games should be a joke for it. Download MSI afterburner after replacing your CPU and do that 460 some justice.

    And your ram is 400 mhz x 2 = 800 mhz. I'd recommend getting 4 megs of DDR2 1066 but it doesn't make much of a difference except for loading times.
  7. I haven't checked prices but honestly even an Athelon II X4 is a good upgrade if money is a concern (I'm pretty sure it's cheaper than Phenoms)
  8. I agree, if your motherboard's bios supports it, to get a newer quad core. ( may have to flash bios ? check board manufacturers site ) No to the 1066 memory. Waste of money. Bad advice to get a dual core.
  9. Your cpu is on the weak side but that psu is junk. Never buy cheap units or brands that are not popular at all as there is a big reason. Check the volts to see if they are low or having big changes. Why so you may ask is to rid of a future problem that could be costly.

    Athlon x4 isn't bad but got for a Phenom x4 820 if newegg still has them up. Got mine for the same price as the Athlon x4 and the cooler than came with your current cpu should easily do the job as current cpus run cooler and use 30w less power if you buy a 95w sample. The typical draw for your cpu is 125w which is a lot now days for a dual core.
  10. and just to state, there has been an update on nvidia drivers, the 260 is not the latest anymore, theres 266.58 which will increase performance a lot.
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