Need new power supply, asus m2n68-la mobo

I've got a 2 year old HP pavillion p6200z ... I bought a new video card which requires a new power supply (card paperwork says 450 watt minimum, the stock p.s. maxes out at 250 watts).

I am fairly ignorant about power supplies, thought they were all pretty much the same, bought a Corsair CX600. Much to my chagrin, discovered that it does NOT have the appropriate wiring/connectors to power up the mobo.

The original PS has a 20 pin main which connects at one end of the mobo, and an additional 4 pin connecting over by the cpu. The Corsair I got does NOT have that 4 pin line, it has a 20+4 pin main ... the '+4' end snaps off but won't reach across the board to the 4-pin recepticle, and the round/square pin blocks are in the wrong order anyways.

How do I go about finding a new power supply with correct wiring/connectors for this mobo?
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  1. it Ok ...your mobo have 20pin just plug 20pin power from PSU.
    PSU have 20+4 pin can used by Old mobo (different 24Pin only Newest Mobo), you don't buy again.
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