Another question on psu to graphics card

its a m3720 packard bell with quad core iextreme wanted to put in a
XFX Radeon HD 5770 - Graphics adapter - Radeon HD 5770 - PCI Express 2.0 x16 - 1 GB GDDR5 - DVI, HDMI, DisplayPort ( HDCP ) - HDTV out
but knew the psu at 250 watts wouldnt work so got a 1938 600 Watt Black Storm power Supply sata Pci-e but after install i got nothing at all no monitor power zip idk why so i hope someone here does
this power problem is only for monitor the rest of the sysytem is ok
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  1. Hello mdm7761;

    600W PSU should be more than enough for your whole system.

    Did you plug in the 6pin PCI-e power adapter from the PSU into the video card?
  2. mdm7761 said:
    this power problem is only for monitor the rest of the sysytem is ok
    Only for the monitor? You do mean the graphics card, right?
  3. card fan runs no power to the monitor its plugged in ofc but (no signal i should say) monitor is black sry i see there would be a difference there if the monitor had no power its the signal from the card im not getting
    and yes the 6 pin power plug is in the card from the psu. i also tried, since i wasnt sure bout the amps on the 12v rail, to use the 2 4 pins in the adapter they sent still no signal i have reset the bios thinking it was somting in post but idk
  4. Does your monitor also have a VGA (D-sub) connector?
    If your video card came with a DVI-VGA adapter go ahead and test with that.
  5. yeah thats all my monitor is capable of the dvi vga adapter
  6. Try the 'wiggle'.... the video card in the slot and see it's some type of contact issue with the electrical contacts in the slot.
  7. will try but as many times as i have inserted and removed this card law of averages says i woulda got it right at least once lol but yeah ill see if i can find the sweet spot
    and thks so much for the help
    really would like to get this card going
    ill list this mobo and you can tell me if its the problem but i have never heard of a mobo not working for w/e card you choose i mean if its compatible
    Packard Bell MCP73PVT-PM
  8. Could very well be a Dead On Arrival card. Try the integrated graphics card VGA port. If that works, may have to order another card. Or, if you happen to know somebody with a power supply that can handle this card, try it also on their desktop. That'll insure that its definitely the card thats DOA.

    Any diagnostic beeps coming out of the motherboard?

    And, omg Packard Bell is still around! Lol, I thought they weren't. Brings me back, had an old friend from the 90's that owned a packard bell. I'm gonna go play Descent now ;-).
  9. yeah they are around and not to good i think but no sounds no beeps no signal and i will have access to a computer tomorrow
  10. Before you order another video card, you should install the video card in another computer to verify that the card is bad.
  11. thks all for your response but my problem has yet to be resolved
    the card is a good card confirmed after install to a compatible machine
    the support folks at Packard Bell had this to add

    Regarding your enquiry, we would like to inform you this computer was not shipped with a graphic card, so in this case we request you to contact a local technician who may assist you further.

    As per our records the warranty of your unit has expired. If you feel that your unit is in warranty, we would be grateful if you could forward a copy of your VAT receipt/invoice by return.

    i copied and pasted that response pretty sweet stuff from them i think
    anyway the onboard controller is nvidia so ill try a card from them maybe that will be more to its liking
    otherwise ill pitch this heap of dung to the refuse container from where it spawned
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