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I have been scripting some beginins of the solorians and i have found
that at least till turn 5 the host changes (and re-changes) the star
type of the planet where the solorian homeworld is in to 'Green
If you dont move your HW you will see that the StarHeat of your
homeplanet changes, it is because the host re-changes its star type to
green binary and 're-rolls' its star heat.
Furthemore, if you move your HW in the first 5 turns, each planets in
wich you settle it will change it's star type to green binary! It's a
great idea to send one of your coronas to the coolest nearest planet
and move it your HW so you will change its star type to grren binary!!
and ther repeat this trick for the first 5 turns and then at the end of
turn 6 you will have 6 green binary stars very near around your
homeworld!! it's great! it's a great bug!

And another 'bug' it's that the master never creater 'blue giant'
stars, so it's imposible to find any star with starheat over 90, so
it's imposible that the solorians get max grow in games created with
the master. I think that the range of "Solorian's max grow" must be
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    It will allow Blue Giants on games that you use only a map. It is when
    you use a script that the Blues get changed to Red. Still, its a
    problem. Also, Blue Giants are extremely rare on the Echo and Yale
    maps (Epsilon too, probably) anyway. The change in the Solorian Growth
    Rate this last Host (194, though unannounced) gives the Solorian a
    higher growth rate for starheats from 71 to 90, though not as great as
    for that of 91 to 94 from about 20% of the rare Blue Giants.

    The changing to Green Binary past the 1st turn is something I hadn't
    heard of. The cut off for the transformation is somewhere greater than
    1000, but no greater than 10,000. A population of 10,000 will trigger
    the change on turn 1 and a population of 1000 will not. I assume the
    same level will trigger the transformations on the following turns.
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    I didn't know there had been changes about Solorian growth in host 194.
    Tim, why didn't you tell us such a great new? :-)
    Can anyone post the new grow rate for the range 71-90?

    By the way: I 'ScriptZored' the changing to Green Binary past till the
    5th turn three times this morning with host 194 chunneling the
    homeworld (with 2 million colonos) and it really happened.
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    I posted it in the "Solorian" thread at

    The new formula is: SH>70 AND SH <=90 = (0.20 + (starheat) / 50)) *

    It took a bit of number crunching to derive it.
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    Lots of thanks!
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