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I have a server 2003 machine on an old broadband line. We have just installed a new broadband line and it has now been activated, the ISP has given me the details:

count 8
netbits 29
Subnet Mask
rad Username

rad Password
Service Type Framed-User
Framed Protocol PPP
Framed IP Address
CiscoAvPair1 ip:dns-servers=85.189.1xx.x
CiscoAvPair2 ip:route=95.177.122.xx
Last Auth Success
Last Auth Failure
adslID 62brmsfp4
IP list - - - - - - - -

(the xxx are for security...)

I need to know what I need to change on the Server to make it work with the new line. I have 2 computers which rely on this server so will I need to configure them as well?

Someone has suggested making a DHCP and letting the router be the default gateway.

cAn anyone give me step by step detailed instructions?

I would be eternally greatful to anyone with the solution.


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  1. What is your current setup? Don't know what to change until we know what your setup looks like right now.
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