5750 Overkill for my Resolution?

Is the Ati Radeon HD 5750 over kill for my resolution which is 1280x720 or 1280x1024? I was originally going to get a 5770 then though that was way to much power for my resolution. But i don't know about this one please help me.

Games I want/already to play:
Mafia 2
Mass Effect 1&2
Assassin's Creed 2 & Brotherhood (when it comes out)
Battlefield Bad Company 2
Dead Space 2
Left 4 dead 2
Crysis 2
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  1. I would say it would to would be fine.
    If you wanna wait wait for the 67xx series.
  2. I would definatley go with the 5770 for a little extra muscle at those resolutions, in some games it will be overkill and in others the 5770 will be barley enough to run 1280X1024 and high settings,the 5750 is a junk card in my opinion unless you really want to game on medium settings the lowest performance I would personally invest any money is a 5770, but for the money i would grab a gtx 460 768mb version it will outperform the 5770 and doesn't cost much more, and sometimes is cheaper. Another option would be to grab a 4870 or gtx 260 off ebay and they can usually be found for around $80 and then save your money for a good upgrade in the future..
  3. 5750 Barly Running a game at high settings at that Resolution How!!!! oh i figured it'd be alot more powerful than that. The place where i'm buying a graphics card is at:

    so if you want to go around there looking at prices then go ahead but the most i can go up to is proabably around 150. and im going instore to buy it. (if that info is needed)
  4. 5750 is okay but some of the games you mentioned will not be near playable at high settings with your res.
  5. For "High Settings" are you including AA? Just wondering since i don't use it unless I can
  6. don't expect to use any aa with the 5750, if that is what you are asking, the 5750 is okay for what it is, but for generally not much more money you can get the 5770, the choice is yours but personally even at your res I'd get the 5770 for a little extra muscle, and for that matter, like I said in the second post above, for about the same amount of money as a 5770 you can get a gtx 460 768mb and that would be hands down the best bang for your buck in that general price range. those are my thoughts but any of the cards will work, however depending on what settings you are wanting to push now and into the future you can quantify if going with the better card is worth the extra 20-40 dollars but I would say that it deifnatley is...
  7. Alright i will try to get the the 5770 Vapor-X if i can and if not i will get the 5750 Vapor-X, and if i can find a gtx 460 i will get that thank you everybody now who do i pick for best answer? lol
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    yeah the 5770 vapor-x is a good choice you will have ample performance with a little to spare, if it helps Portals is one of the best games ever made!! :) ..."not even black mesa, that was a joke, ha-ha, fat chance"
  9. Hahaha Portal is amazing and i love the song Still alive (: and yep your my best answer.
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  11. thanks have fun with your new gpu
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