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Hi all, I'm looking to upgrade this computer I received for Christmas. Mainly for gaming purposes. For the games I want to play, it simply isn't cutting it. I'd like to upgrade my processor and video card, as well as upgrade my ram. I've noted down some components that I believe would suit my needs and my budget, but I'm not sure the motherboard in this computer can handle it ( it's a pretty old one, as I've found out... an ASUS P5B-VM DO )

I was wondering if anyone had any insight as to whether or not this motherboard is compatible with the following components;

I'm not sure if this is an obvious question or not, but if so pardon my ignorance. Also, if it is not compatible, I'd appreciate it if someone could link me to one that would be. Thanks!

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  1. That video card is fine, but your memory and processor will not work in that motherboard. These are indeed pretty obvious questions to be asking, so I'd recommend you do some research on system building before you buy anything. These are the absolute basics, and you should have a firm grasp of them before spending any money.

    As for why those components won't work, it's simple. You picked DDR3 memory, your motherboard only supports DDR2. You picked an LGA 1155 processor, your motherboard is LGA 775.
  2. Thanks. It's been a long time since I've fiddled around in computer parts so I'm not at all up to date with all these new components. I looked up the specs on the ASUS site for the motherboard and didn't think it would be compatible with the ram, because it made no mention of DDR3 but I simply don't know much about processors so I wanted to ask people who would know. Thanks for the help.

    Also, I'm assuming then that this mobo would be compatible?
  3. I'm willing to bet the power supply in your current rig is not powerful enough to run that gpu, unless you have already upgraded it. You will need a quality 500 watt unit as the minimum I think
  4. I already have a 550W power supply put in. But if 500W is the minimum, what would be recommended?
  5. Well if its a good 550w, you are ok. If you need a new one you cant go wrong with this Corsair unit
    If you want one a little bigger:
  6. velocyti said:
    Also, I'm assuming then that this mobo would be compatible?

    Yep, that one will work just fine. Also, what PSU do you have? 550W is easily enough for that card, but brand matters a LOT for PSUs. More powerful video cards stress the PSU more, and a cheapo budget PSU might just blow under the load, despite the fact that it claims to have plenty of power.
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