Microphone is not working, not mute, can hear people but they cannot hear me

Last 2 days i have been trying to this. Bought a new microphone thought the old one that i havent used for couple of years was broken. But my new one is not working either.
I can hear people but they cannot hear me, it is not mute either. But sound recorder not working either, can anyone help please? Many Thanks
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  1. Have you considered that the microphone plug on your motherboard may be faulty?
  2. U can try cheap soundcard (less than $10 = still better than one on the board) and you'll know. I vacuumed once the rear end I killed sound port and NIC with build up static electricity. Never happened before ...hm.
  3. The problem - have tried to install the latest drivers for your audio device? You may also want to check the default recording device in the Sounds and Audio Devices Properties in Control Panel.
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