Upgrading and PSU question

Hi, here's is my current rig:

Asus Crosshair IV F
Phenom 965
2x2GB G.Skill
HD 5850
Corsair 850TX

I'm planing to buy another 1TB HDD and upgrade my graphic card. What I have in mind is 5850 CFX - 6870 CFX or even 6950 CFX if possible. I now the performance of those are quite different but I'm not sure which one should I go since I do not know if my PSU is efficient enough. Tell me what you guys think; any thought will help :) Thanks
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    Another 5850 would provide a nice boost for you and your PSU has plenty of juice to support it, i would definitely take another 5850 over selling off the current one and picking up 2 6950s, it will perform reasonably similarly for less.
  2. Thanks for the advice. I'll go with another 5850 then :)
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