Is this monitor ACER 20" HS201HL - LED capable of 1080p gaming

iam confused to buy which card gtx 460 or 560 coz i dont know whether this monitor will support 1080p gaming
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  1. Nope, it's not. At best it'll probably support 1600x900 resolution, so no need to go EXTREME on the poor thing. The GTX560 will be a great choice if you have the money though, it generally has better overclocking headroom than the GTX460 and it is much more future proof. It will also help with the extra performance in games like Crysis 2 with DX11 and The Witcher 2.
  2. so will gtx 560 is best for this monitor ..but this monitor can support 1920x1080..see this link so this is 1080p res a so which card is best for this monitor gtx 560 or 460
  3. The graphics card can support all different kinds of resolutions, you know? It doesn't JUST deliver 1920x1080, and if your monitor is insufficient it wont work?

    The GTX560 is a better card, not for the monitor but for the computer. If you are wanting to pick a graphics card based on the monitor you are using, you are doing something very, very wrong. The graphics card (GTX560) costs double the price of that monitor, so why would you want to base your choice on the less-than-ideal piece of hardware?

    My advice: Get the GTX560. It's newer, cooler and more powerful than the GTX460, and it will last you longer. GTX560 is the best for you between the two.
  4. ^Agree. If the price difference can be afforded, why not?

    As for the question "Is this monitor ACER 20" HS201HL - LED capable of 1080p gaming?". The answer is: Yes, according to the website. But for me, it is odd that a 1920x1080 monitor comes in 20" size. If you can find 1920x1080 that comes in 21.5" or bigger size, go for it. The price difference between 20" to 21.5" ( usually they are labeled 22" ) is usually small.
  5. my doubt is whether my monitor supports 1080p or not..surely i will buy gtx 560..say yes or no regarding my monitor
  6. ^The specifications in Benoonline says so. But I do not know how reliable it is.

    By the way, here is another online store that offer the same item for cheaper. I just do not know if this is also from the same country. The currency looks the same:

    Edit: Ooops... different country I guess. The Country Code is different.
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    your answer is yes.
    It has a native resolution of 1920X1080 and has full HD support.
    quote from :
    "If you are an avid gamer you may want to check the ACER HS201HL, it has the lowest response time and has a full HD resolution support."

    Hope this helps.
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  9. IMHO, it's smarter to buy a TV and use it for a monitor. You get the same resolution and can watch TV for only a small increase in price.
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