Is my motherboard dead?

I just recently bought replaced my friends old motherboard with one I just bought from Asus. I made sure to connect everything properly and the power switch won't boot the computer on. I've checked over and over if I missed the pins I was supposed to connect it to but it still hasn't booted. I've even crossed checked the power switch cords and connected one from another case and it still can't boot up the computer. I cannot tell if the motherboard is defective because my LED mouse is lighting up when it is plugged into the rear USB. Thoughts anyone?
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  1. What graphics card do you have?
  2. a GTX 550 TI powered by a 800W PSU but I'm skeptical if that is actually the root of my problems.
  3. Is the LED on your mobo on when you turn your PSU on?
  4. The ASUS mobo did light up when everything was plugged in. Even the CD drive and HD was making noise so I really have no idea what's going on
  5. Have you tried booting with each ram stick at a time?
  6. Only thing I can think of is that you have the power switch connector reversed. Sounds like you are getting power to the board. Acts just like when the power switch is connected backwards
  7. I know at one point I flipped the connector to make sure I didn't get the +/- wrong but that also failed too.
  8. Wait for a second doesn't your motherboard have a error code led panel. It should have many numbers flashing at bootup. Tell me what is being said. By the way if it says AA that means it all ok. Check your motherboard manual for the number's actual meaning.
  9. The board I have doesn't have a LED error code panel since its for the somewhat old 775 socket. It did have one little green led that lit up whenever the board was powered though.
  10. ''Even the CD drive and HD was making noise so I really have no idea what's going on''

    So when you press the power button, your CD drive and HD power up normally?
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