BSOD when restarting after updated Nvidia drivers installed

Right, I'm having serious problems with my XpertVision 9600GT.
I just did a fresh reinstall Of windows after it went skitty after a badly performed CPU OC (3.2 GHZ)
Everything installs fine except when It comes the the graphics drivers.
When I install the drivers that come with the GPU, It works fine but as soon as I install the latest Nvidia Driver (266.58) or even any driver before that, it BSOD'd without fail.
The 9600GT was OC'ed but it has been for 2+ years and never had a problem.
I've tried restoring the MB to stock, trying various tricks but I haven't had much luck.

A quick system overview:
Windows XP SP3
Intel Q9450 running at 3.0 GHZ (just FSB, no Voltage tweaks)
2GB DDR2 Ram
Asus P5N-D MB
XpertVision 9600GT 512MB
640GB HDD RAID 0 (320x2)
Coolermaster Silent Gold Pro 1200W (I know it's excessive, but my current upgrade plans will involve alot of power hungry components)

Any advice would be great!
(if this is in the wrong section, I apologize)
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  1. Re-clock the 9600 back to stock. Could be that the card is finally on the way out, but its possible that other issues with the changes you made to the mobo is causing the GPU OC to be unstable now.
  2. Clocked the GPU back to stock, and reverted all changes to the mobo.
    The latest driver i've actually had success with is the 197 release, and that works fine.
    but the latest driver are still being unresponsive.
  3. 197? Thats quite old...I've heared mixed things about the 26x drivers [though 266.58 is generally thought to be very good], so you might want to try a 25x driver out and see how that runs...

    And it could simply be the card is already on the way out; my trusty 4890 is finally dead; bad VRAM which has steadilly gotten worse over time [initally blamed driver...]
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