Which is the best graphics game of 2010

will my gtx 580 can be able to play modded crysis on a 21 inch screen what fps will i get ?
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    Misleading title and yes you can play Crysis on a 21 inch screen (1920x1680) at a good fps on highest settings
  2. What do you mean by modded?

    What is your screen resolution?

    Which Crysis are you talking about?

    What are other specifications of your computer?
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  4. i am going for a resolution of 1600*900 with a gtx 570 an i5 2400 and 4 GB ddr3 ram and will i be able to play the games on max settings and tessellations on my rig and is it future proof will i be able to play the upcoming game of the next 2 years as well on this platform ?
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