Intel GMA 3150 Game Crashes

I recently started at college and I've found it increasingly hard to move my gaming rig around campus so I'm trying to set up my Asus EEEPC to run the games we normally lan.

So far I've gotten FEAR combat, nox and Starcraft BW working but I'm having some issues.

Call of Duty 2 crashes at startup and complains about a fatal DX error. I am completely up to date with DX9.0c and video, chipset, audio drivers.

I researched the problem and it seems other people on the same chipset and processor as me have no problems running CoD 2.

Empire earth also has a similar problem along with a few other games. Is there anything I can do about this or am I fucked?


Asus EEEPC 1018p: Downgraded to WinXP / Fedora
Intel Atom 450(?) 1.6ghz
GMA 315r
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  1. Netbooks are not for gaming.
    Anyways, try running COD with the DX 9 that came with the game.
  2. I guessed as much, but Call of Duty 2 and Empire Earth have system reqs that are much lower than my net books specs so they should run fine if they would run at all.

    I used the DX version the game came with and it did no good.
  3. Download sherry 1.3 i have intel gma 3150 but i can run call of duty 2 and 3 all at high settings :hello: :bounce:
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