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A cheap but long lasting CPU for regular browsing?

Hey guys, I got a friend who wants a cheap CPU cause its for his mom who just browses the internet and stuff, barely uses it

can anyone suggest some CPUs that are affordable but will last for years to come? basically it should just stay fast over the years, she wont be gaming period

preferably intel
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  1. How cheap is cheap?
    In more words, how much is he willing to spend for the whole PC?
  2. $500 but that doesnt help because we gotta figure out the rest, its for the future, it just has to be a good CPU thats not TOO cheap or TOO expensive, it doesnt have to be anything fancy, just current (itll be built in December) and made to last for the years, no intense gaming or applications
  3. i3-2100 on an H61 variant seems a logical choice....

    Even one of AMD's new A-series of APUs (CPU/GPU in one) might be nice....
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    The $500 information matters. Given this, it will be worthwhile to look at AMD Llano. Check out from this review:,2975-19.html

    I quote:
    "Specifically, A8-3850 (the only APU for which we have performance data) doesn’t rely on any other hardware to enable reasonable performance. Pair it up to a low-cost motherboard, 4 GB of fast DDR3, and a sub-$100 hard drive and you’re looking at a very entry-level machine that can do many things moderately well. For $135, you get a processor and GPU in a 100 W package."

    "The fastest Llano-based APU is aimed squarely at entry-level desktops and all-in-ones—folks with $400 or $500 for a complete machine."

    There you go.
  5. yeah llano all the way.
  6. I have to agree, Llano is now the best choice for a low cost PC.
  7. NewEgg has Llano for sale already BTW.

    $100 GIGABYTE GA-A75M-UD2H FM1 AMD A75 (Hudson D3) HDMI SATA 6Gb/s USB 3.0 Micro ATX AMD Motherboard
    $120 AMD A6-3650 Llano 2.6GHz 4MB L2 Cache Socket FM1 100W Quad-Core Desktop APU AD3650WNGXBOX
    $33 G.SKILL Value Series 4GB 240-Pin DDR3 SDRAM DDR3 1333 (add another stick later)
    $40 Seagate Barracuda ST3500413AS 500GB 7200 RPM 16MB Cache SATA 6.0Gb/s 3.5" Internal Hard Drive -Bare Drive
    $19 LITE-ON DVD Burner - Bulk 24X DVD+R
    $85 Antec Three Hundred + BP430 Black Steel ATX Mid Tower Computer Case

    Total no OS: $397 + S&H (not counting MIR, or specials/combo deals)
  8. Any dual core CPU should be fine.

    Hell, I use my old IBM ThinkPad T40 with a Pentium M 1.5GHz from 2003 for simple web surfing if I don't feel like turning on my desktop PC. I also use it to play some old PC games as well.
  9. Take a look at Toms $500 build for a general guide,2970.html
    It was built as a gaming PC but for $500 it would
    definitely last your friends mom many many years as a internet browser

    though IH8U build looks very good also and would be cheaper

    definetly a choice between Llano or I3-2100
    really cant go wrong either way
    though Llano has great built in graphics
    more than enough for surfing the internet
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