SLI on 650 Watt?

Hey everyone,

My computer budget right now is a little tight however I am thinking of doing SLI in the near future. I already have a GTX 470 and I would like to add another. Would a Tuniq Potency 650 Watt 80+ PFC & "SLI" ready, be enough to run two 470s or would I be pushing it?

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  1. That would be pushing it! 740watts in stress testing.
  2. For a single GTX 470 and maybe a dedicated card sure but sli two GTX 470 no you are asking for an unstable rig or an early death of your psu.
  3. Thanks for the input guys! Looks like a new PSU for me lol
  4. Hi PCFBarefoot. You could, but you're asking for trouble and system instability. This is a good PSU, it is affordable and it is also a certified PSU:
  5. What region are you? As for the psu linked I wouldn't use it period and it is expensive for a uncommon brand.
  6. ^+1 Looking at the specs it is obviously overrated as well.
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