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Two 6 pin power connectors.. for GPU GTX 560Ti

Thus, this 6pin power connectors comes w/ the psu when you buy 1? what does it looks like. and seems i can't find it. do i need to buy new psu? or just need to buy power connectors, or i can use my gtx 560 w/o it. or /w just 1one 6pin power connectors.
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    if your PSU enough support for GTX 560 (usully this VGA include cable Connector PCIE ..??? )
    just buy cables like this :

  2. ohh tnx..
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  4. You need to make sure your PSU can support it. If not it can explode, taking who knows what with it when it does.
  5. there are 2 ports with 6 pins on the gtx 560 right ?
    but the card came along with only one such provided,..the same above wire
    do i need to get an extra such and plug both the ones to the card to the psu?
    and i dont think my psu has 4 free 4pin connections available
    only 2 4-pin connection available,...i mean only one such 6pin to 2x4pin can be connected
    mine is a 500 w suplly and not a popular brand
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