Settings of nvidia geforce 8400 gs 1GB

Hello,I am having trouble with settings of my nvidia geforce 8400 gs 1GB,the fps is low for fifa 11.

pc specs:
i5 m650
4gb ram ddr3,
nvidia geforce 8400 gs 1GB,
could u gimme sum suggestions on the settings to change for better gaming experience.
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  1. At what resolution are you running the game? If it is high then try lowering it, reduce the graphics detail level,turn Anti-Aliasing to 2x or to none. Lowering your grapics detail definitely provides a boost to FPS. Sometimes OS is also responsible for laggy gameplay. People have reported it with win7 64bit and 32 bit
  2. FIFA 11 is a lot more demanding on the GPU as compared to the earlier games in the series.You can have a much better experience by spending as little as ~70$ on a new graphics card.
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