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Can Motherboard handle quad core?

So I'm trying to help out a friend with his computer. Right now he has an ancient Intel 865G mobo running with a Intel P4 3.0ghz. He wants to put a quad core in his pc for 3d editing. I personally don't think his mobo will work with a quad or even a triple core processor like what he wants but I figured I would see if anyone had any idea on whether or not it will work. I'd like to be able to help him save money since he recently replaced some parts in his pc and it would be nice for him if he could just get the processor instead of also having to get a new mobo, ram, and graphics card.
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  1. Is this the mobo?

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    Short answer nope not at all, the highest mobos from that time period usually went up to is a pentium D.
  3. Okay I thought it wouldn't work but I wasn't completely sure. I will tell him that he will have to do a full build for that quad core he wants.
  4. nikorr said:

    I believe that is the mobo he has.
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