Computer has power, doesn't turn on.

Hello, I was playing a game and randomly my computer turned off, Straight away I tryed to turn it back on but had no response. I then turned the power off from the mains and left it 5min, turned it back on and the fans flashed on then nothing after that. So I thought I would give it a quick clean out with a hover and still no response.

My PSU is a OCZ 750W fatality brought it around 6 months ago,
Mobo is a old Gigabyte AM2+
CPU: Athlon 6000+
Graphics card: Gigabyte 460 SOC
Ram: 4gb Kingston Hyperx

Any help is more then welcome. Thanks :)
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  1. Changed PSU, no change. Still doesn't boot up.
  2. Ouch.

    Something has died. I would have guessed that it was the PSU, like you did, but replacing it didn't fix the machine. So either it wasn't the power supply, or the power supply took something with it when it died.

    Most likely candidate is the motherboard, but it could be the CPU. Given the age of the CPU and motherboard, I'd be inclined to replace both, which should fix the problem - better than spending money replacing the old motherboard with a new copy of the same.

    Good luck!
  3. Thanks for your help, going to buy a Z68 and a i2500k I think then )
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