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I just built my first PC, and thanks to everyone here and my other best friend google, it went extremely well. My hard drive has not yet shipped, so I have done everything on my boot drive so far. Since all I have done is install the OS and drivers, this was not a big concern, but today I looked at how much space was left on my SSD and saw I had already used 22.5GB of space. I had hear various numbers for OS and drivers ranging from 13GB to 17GB, but 22.5GB is quite a bit higher, and I have yet to connect to the internet and download the OS updates which are sure to add a bit more. So what is the deal? What could be taking up so much space? I know that I have about 1GB of data that I can transfer from a few installs that came with some of the drivers, but still I will be around 21.5 before windows updates. Any ideas?
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  1. I know that System Restore is a notorious hard drive hogger. You can delete all but the most recent restore point and see if it clears up some space. [Start/All Programs/Accessories/System Tools/Disk Cleanup] Then click More Options and then click Clean Up under "System Restore and Shadow Copies"
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