How do you decide which manufacturer to go with?

I'm in the market for a mid range video card, something like this and it seems to offer what I need but I can't decide if EVGA is the manufacturer I want to go with.

For the record I will be using my video card for graphic design, photo and video editing and a little light gaming. Getting 60fps in the new CoD is never going to be something I need.
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  1. That's a low range video card by today's standards. A mid range at the moment would be something like the GTX 560.

    For what you want, may i suggest the ATI 5770?

    EVGA is one of the best manufacturers to buy from in terms of their warranty offering etc. On the ATI side, Sapphire or XFX are the best ones.
  2. The 9500 isn't a very good card especially at that price. There are better and cheaper 240's, or get a 5670. For low end parts like that I usually let price make my decision for me because warranty isn't a big concern with something cheap that will be outdated in a couple of years anyways. EVGA is a good company, but that's too much to pay for that card.
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