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ASRock z68 Professional Gen 3 Cha_Fan1 control problem

Hello All!

I'm having a small problem with my ASRock z68 Professional Gen 3 mother board.
Did anybody else have a problem controlling Chassis Fan 1 (Cha_Fan1) in the UEFI?
All of my fans' speed can be controlled except for the Cha_Fan1. No matter what I set in the UEFI - it spins at max speed.
The mobo is in the Cooler Master HAF 932 Advanced case. I'm plugging in the side fan that only requires 3 pins but the Cha_Fan1 has 4 pins. Could that be an issue?

Thank you!
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    yeah you need 4 pins on the fan for it to work correctly. The 4th wire is pwm which controls the speed. You can buy a fan controller to be able too control the speed.
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