Why is my CPU core speed stuck on maximum.

Hi guys I sorta have a problem just installed a new graphics card the HD 6770 and for some reason I notice my Core speed according to CPUz doesn't fluctuate it's at a steady 3.1Mhz which is max for my CPU . It just stays that way regardless of what running or not.

I ask here since maybe someone may know in specific to cpu usage problems. I have no viruses and installed all the latest drivers.

Acer Board: Nvidia Chipset MCP61
AMD 64 X2 5800+ (upgraded cooling fan & heat sink)
3GB Ram
500 Watt PS
Win7 32bit
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  1. It could be an issue with the chipset but most likley the Coll 'N' Quiet is disabled in the BIOS. Without that on, the CPU stays at the max clock speed.
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