P6x58d premium after push power botton

Hello, excuse me for weak english.these are my parts: cori7 950 psu:coolermaster 750 w 12 gig corsair dominator main:asus p6x58d premium ati radeon 6770 my problem is:when i push the power botton,my cpu and gpu fans start spining but it takes 13 seccond to see first image on my lcd monitor?is it normal issue?
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  1. Hi,

    some motherboards take quite a bit of time to initialize, so it *could* be normal. Don't know your board though...

    What if once you get an image on the screen and then press the reset button? Same story or does it show a picture much quicker?

    If it is the same with the reset, I'd tend to say sounds normal to me. If it is showing an image considerably faster, I'd recommend to try another PSU since it could be a defective filter capacitor taking too long to charge up when first powered on.
  2. What image are you referring to not seeing for 13 seconds?

    Are you turning your computer monitor on first before you power on your computer?

    Try disableing the mobo Logo image from within the bios for a faster boot.
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